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Eggs-ersising This Easter?

7th March 2013

Eggs-ersising This Easter?

Now that the sun is creeping slowly back, take some time to look after yourself before heading out into the garden, driving those long distances to see friends and family or starting those DIY projects. Chiropractor Fiona Webb advises getting back into the swing of things with some gentle stretches to look after your posture and spine.

Click the exercise links below for a video on how to perform the stretch.

Knee to Chest

Lying on your back, pull your knees up to your chest and hold for about 20secs. This is a great stretch to do just before you get up in the morning or last thing at night.

“Happy Cat, Angry Cat”

This is a yoga stretch. Crouch down on all fours, keeping your hands in line with your shoulders and your hips in line with your knees. Breathe in and slowly arch your back, pushing your belly button to the floor. Breathe out and arch your back to the ceiling, tucking your chin in. Repeat 5-10 times. 

Chest Expansion

Open up that chest! This stretch helps to prevent rounded shoulders. You can use a doorway to help you lean forward more.


Enjoy your Easter break, whatever you decide to you! Should you need it, give Fiona a call to book your spinal MOT this Easter. For more information, please call 01548 852 542, or contact us here.


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