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Sport Support

3rd July 2012

Sport Support

Support our athletes this summer!

It is no secret that we seek sanctuary on our sofas and, with plenty of sport on to watch this summer, the temptation will be to stay stuck to the sofa for a little too long!

Chiropractor Fiona Webb advises awareness about the effect all this extra sitting down could have: “Our lifestyles are sedentary enough but, during televised sporting events, people spend even more time sitting down. Lack of exercise is our worst enemy and we should avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time, as sitting incorrectly puts almost twice as much pressure on the back than when standing.

And that’s not the only health hazard during this sporting summer. Fans will argue that jumping up to celebrate a goal or shout out is an involuntary action, but doing it too quickly may be more harmful than sitting down for prolonged periods.

With many more hours of summer sport viewing still to come, follow this simple advice from Fiona:

  • Don't sit for more than 30-40 minutes, try standing up every twenty minutes and moving around.
  • Make sure you keep active during half time to give your body a change of position and shake out any stiffness.
  • Drink Up! Try drinking water instead of beer, tea or coffee; it will be healthier, as well as help you concentrate on the game. If you are drinking, always consume plenty of water too. (More advice from
  • Exercise needn’t to be dull. If you are enjoying watching sport, get out there and play it too! With longer days and lighter evenings, activities outside can be the perfect way to end the day.
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