Alternative Treatments

Feel good, keep moving and be healthy with a range of alternative treatments 

Alternative Therapies

Kingsbridge Chiropractic Clinic also offers a variety of other therapies in order to keep you moving well and feeling good.

Available Therapies:

Massage and Kinesiology with SarahJane - Wednesday and Friday mornings


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Fiona Webb | Chiropractor/Owner

01548 852 542

Fiona originally hails from West Aberdeenshire in Scot... Click for more details

SarahJane Wills | Massage Therapist/Kinesiologist


SarahJane is passionate about the human body and how w... Click for more details

The use of "Dr" is a courtesy title and NONE of the chiropractors listed on this site, unless stated otherwise, have a general medical qualification. All have accredited chiropractic qualifications and must be registered with the GCC to call themselves a chiropractor.

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To book a treatment with one of our alternative therapists, please contact them directly using the contact details provided. 

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