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SarahJane Wills

Massage Therapist/Kinesiologist


SarahJane is passionate about the human body and how we can help ourselves improve naturally.  She is trained in massage therapy and is a complete body worker; her training includes a large variety of massage techniques including deep tissue, remedial, Swedish, joint mobilisation and more. This allows for tailor-made treatments for each individual’s needs, whether it be recovery from injury, chronic pain or general tension. Give SarahJane a call to see how she can help restore you to an active, pain free lifestyle.

Some of the benefits massage may give include;
• Relieves muscle tension.
• Improves posture.
• Aids repair after injury for a faster recovery.
• Improves flexibility and mobilisation of joints.
• Reduces blood pressure.
• Improves circulation
• Enhances emotional wellbeing.
• Improves Lymphatic Drainage.
• Aids digestion, relief of IBS and gastrointestinal problems.
• Stimulates the immune system and nervous system.

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours) £55

Consequent sessions (1 hour) £45


SarahJane Wills


Deep Tissue Massage

Myofascial Release


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